Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Happenings

So September is here again which means its time for The London Tattoo Convention. Before the convention we have some of our friends coming to guest spot with us here at Allstar. From the 25th-26th we will be joined by Oliver Peck & Dean Williams from Elm Street Tattoo (Dallas, Texas), Matt Beckerich from Kings Avenue (New York) and Beau Brady from Invisible NYC (New York). If interested in getting tattooed by any of these amazing tattooers you can email for more info.

If you are in the London area next weekend, dont miss out on one of the best tattoo conventions in the world where our very own Ross Nagle will be working alongside our guests and some of the finest tattooers from around the globe.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's been a while

I've been slacking a bit with posting stuff, but I will be keeping this more up to date in the coming weeks. If you want our most up to date news, your best bet is our Facebook Page or Instagram @mf_farrell for me and @jovendor for Jo, we update them pretty much daily. I've also been pretty bad at taking photos recently but I've got a new camera now, so in the coming weeks I'll be posting more work as well.
Jo and I will be working at the East Coast Tattoo Convention in November, which you should all have a look at, Jo's particularly looking forward to the hog roast, and we'll have a load of designs drawn up for that.
We'd also like to thank everyone we met at the Norwich Body Arts Festival, we had a great time there and tattooed a few nice pieces, looking forward to going back to that beautiful city next year.
Anyway, here are couple things we've had through the door recently


This is a photo of Cinderella all healed up on Teagan, we're working it into a half sleeve at the moment and we're not too far off from being finished right now

A happy bear with lots of honey for Layla, I'm going to be tattooing a goose on her on Monday in a similar style

And this Layla's russian doll that I did about 2 years ago now